Johnson Family PhotoWelcome to our Life in the Pacific Northwest. We are a family of five and we’d like to welcome you to follow us in our journey through life. We will be sharing our favorite recipes, ways to save money, adventures we go on, things you can do for your home and more. Get to know each of us a bit below.


Alex is the techy of the family. He would go to local garage sales as a kid picking up different electronics to take apart and put back together. He joined the Army after high school but was later released after a leg injury. After getting married Alex and Ashley opened a computer repair business. They are now working on growing their web design company. Alex loves the great outdoors. Camping, hiking, and biking are some of his favorite things to do. He also likes trying out new recipes, many of which we will be sharing with you on here.


Ashley is a crafter. As a child, she made beaded geckos and went to local bazaars with her mom and grandmother where she sold them. As time went on, her bead collection changed from plastic pony beads to glass, wood, and stone beads. She also learned how to sew. After moving to the beach she started making candles, and opened the Driftwood Candle Co. She makes soy candles, melts, soaps and more. Outside of work, Ashley loves camping, hiking, and photographing nature. She also loves to bake breads, cookies, muffins as well as other things you’ll find here on our blog.


Lukas is our jumping bean. This kid has non-stop energy. He loves to run and play, build with Legos or tinker toys, ride bikes, draw. He has a very active imagination that he uses quite often.


Kaylee is our little miss sassy pants. This girl has followed in her mom’s footprints. She loves to play with beads as well as other craft supplies that she manages to get her hands on. She’s becoming quite the little artist as she’s learned to draw her family.


Skyler is the newest member of the family. He like sleeping and snuggling. An alert little guy, he loves looking around for people he knows and giving them a big old grin.